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May 01, 2023 2023-05-01

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Community Program Tracking Seasonal Changes in Plants and Animals

Phenology is a fascinating study of the interconnectedness among plants, animals, and climate. It concentrates on the timing of different life-cycle changes that occur throughout the year. Nature's Notebook, a project run by the USA National Phenology Network (NPN) in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey (USGS), gathers information on plant and animal phenology across the United States to be used for decision-making on local, national, and global scales to ensure the continued vitality of our environment.

With Nature’s Notebook, teachers and their students can join more than 15,000 other naturalists across the nation in taking the pulse of our planet. They will use scientifically vetted observation guidelines, developed for more than 1,000 species, to ensure data are useful to researchers and decision-makers. Nature’s Notebook is available via mobile app (iOS or Android) or website. A series of online learning modules teach how to become an expert observer, and participants can earn “Certified Observer” status. An online glossary includes definitions of terms posted on the USA National Phenology Network website and commonly used in plant and animal description and identification. Nature's Notebook also offers place-based, hands-on learning opportunities and promotes collaboration between site-based educators, land managers, and researchers.

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