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May 03, 2021 2021-05-03

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Children’s Books to Read Aloud with Cues for Soundscapes

The award-winning Novel Effect iPad app brings stories to life, promotes literacy, sparks imagination, and provides enjoyment for children aged 12 and under. The app follows the voice of users as they read aloud from children’s storybooks, and responds at just the right moment with music, sounds, and character voices. The app’s library includes a wide variety of high-quality soundscapes for carefully selected children’s storybooks to engage and promote imagination and learning. Hundreds of titles are available as in-app books, and new books are added weekly—classics, bestsellers, hidden gems, and more. Users start by simply searching or browsing the collections to find the book they want to read aloud. Then they tap the cover and choose the format—print or ebook. (Some titles may require users to read aloud from their own copy.) When they hear the chime, they start reading aloud. Music and sounds respond to their voice and change with the story. Three versions of the Novel Effect service are accessible through this app. The Free version provides hundreds of soundscapes for a growing library of children’s storybooks curated for teachers, librarians, children, and families. The Premium version for families offers unlimited access to a growing digital library of child-friendly content. And for educators, Novel Effect Premium Classroom allows unlimited access to features and content for one teacher and up to 30 students in a safe and secure environment. Cost: Free app, with in-app purchases

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