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Mar 01, 2021 2021-03-01

Mobile Learning

Canvas for Thinking Spatially

The Muse app for iOS provides a spatial canvas for research notes, reading material, sketches, screenshots, bookmarks, and more. Users can pull in relevant notes and photos from the web, email, Twitter, Slack, their files, and their phone, and then arrange the information as they wish. Muse lets them sift and sort through it all, helping them find new patterns and insights. Users can also sketch on the Muse canvas. The space isn’t restricted; they can “ink” on top of, next to, or between items. They can type a sentence and then scribble a note over it. Or they can paste a link and then move it into a sketch they made. Work on a Muse board is alive. Users can zoom into and read a PDF or interact with text and images. They can navigate with one hand and carry cards throughout their 3D “knowledge garden” with the other. The zooming interface lets users rely on their brain’s spatial memory to switch contexts without ever getting lost. Cost: Free app with in-app purchases; yearly membership, $99.99 with free trial before subscribing

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