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Oct 03, 2022 2022-10-03

Mobile Learning

App to Help Children Regulate Emotions

An app called Mightier helps children develop emotional regulation through games that get harder if a monitor detects a rise in heart rate, often precipitated by frustration. The app, which was developed by Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital researchers, incentivizes children to use coping skills they have learned to calm down, which lowers heart rate and brings the games back to an easier level.

The app includes about 30 mobile-based video games—racing games, puzzle games, and games that are similar to the ones they have played on their own gaming consoles or phones. For example, in Crossy Ninja, a game where the player has to slice flying fruit while walking back and forth on a bridge, a heart rate in the “red zone” causes the character to pick up speed, making it harder to slice the fruit. When children are playing a game that suddenly gets harder, they are incentivized to use calming methods they have learned through the app itself, which brings their heart rate back down and the game back to normal. They can immediately see results when the techniques work.

Cost: The games, calming techniques, heart-rate monitor, and a companion app for parents are available through a subscription fee that costs between $28 and $40 per month, depending on the plan.

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