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Aug 16, 2021 2021-08-16

Mobile Learning

App That Helps Students Dive into Black History Using AR

Immersive technology lets students learn about Black historical figures on their phones. The nonprofit educational technology firm Movers & Shakers NYC has created the free mobile app Kinfolk that transports students to an augmented reality (AR) space where they can walk up to virtual “monuments” of 10 famous Black historical figures and learn their stories. Students can hear a narration about these individuals, read their biographies, look at artifacts from the historical figures’ lives, and learn about the time period in which they lived and their accomplishments. Early in the design process, Movers & Shakers NYC partnered with the Langston League to involve educators and students. The mobile app and accompanying curriculum serve as a jumping-off point for teachers and students, allowing them to delve into topics that span the whole canon of Black history. The idea is that students will be inspired to go on a scavenger hunt through the primary source archives to learn more. While the app is open to the public through the Google and Apple app stores, the Movers & Shakers team is working with schools to bring the AR app to students. The team will launch another app, Unsung, a multiplayer AR learning experience that will highlight four Black women singers. The Unsung app will be released by Verizon to 100 Title I middle schools nationwide later this fall. Cost: Kinfolk app is free; price to be determined for Unsung app

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