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Oct 01, 2021 2021-10-01

Mobile Learning

App Taking Students on a Virtual Journey Through Space

From DraschVR, the Titans of Space app is a virtual tour of an authentic miniature Solar System with the option to go beyond. Students can stay at each location as long as they would like. The app has up to 60 minutes of optional English voiceovers and subtitles, visuals of more than 40 celestial bodies, and an engaging soundtrack. The tour is delivered via Oculus Go, Rift, Vive, Monitor, Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR (depending on which version of the app users select). The app is free to get started; in-app purchases enrich the experience.

Plus: The Mars Is a Real Place app, also from DraschVR, presents a musical slideshow of stereoscopic 3D photos of Mars. Students activate multiple senses as they soak in 80 curated photographs set to stirring music. The images are a mix of views from the orbit and panoramas of Mars, taken on the surface. Students can easily get a sense of the great variety of Martian terrain. And with a glossary casually hanging out to their left, an elevation map with location markers positioned to their right, and supporting information below each image, students are sure to learn something new. The app is available for Cardboard ($0.99), as well as Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.

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