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Sep 15, 2021 2021-09-15

Mobile Learning

“Living” Periodic Table of Elements

From Theodore Gray comes The Elements, an iPad app that introduces students to the elements of the periodic table and educates them on how the elements combine to form the world around us. Students start their exploration on a living periodic table where every element is shown with a smoothly rotating sample. To learn about gold, for example, students tap the gold nugget; immediately they will see the sample filling the screen, in sharp detail, and rotating around a complete circle in front of their eyes. They will also see an extensive array of facts and figures, and will find a story about the element, surrounded by photographed objects representing it. Every object in the app, well over 500 in total, is rotatable, so students can examine the objects from all sides and pinch-zoom to see them in detail. Additionally, students can pinch-zoom or tap any object to bring it up full screen, where they can split it into a pair of stereo 3D images. They can see any of the 500 objects pop off the screen in 3D and then spin the 3D objects with the touch of a finger. The Elements includes the full English original text and more than a dozen full translations. Cost: $12.99

Plus: What happens when highly reactive rubidium is dropped into water? Or when a cannonball is placed in a pool of mercury? The Elements in Action iPad app brings the periodic table to life with 79 video explorations of the properties of the elements. The app shows users one definitive demonstration for (almost) every element. The Elements in Action works as a standalone app but really shines when combined with The Elements by Theodore Gray. Installed together, the two apps find each other and link together, allowing users to flip seamlessly between viewing the elements as objects of contemplation in the original app and objects of dynamic action in the second app. Like The Elements by Theodore Gray, The Elements in Action has been translated into multiple languages. Cost: $6.99

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