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Oct 22, 2015 2015-10-22

Mobile Learning

Communication, Cooperation, Empathy

Geared toward K–4 students, the online game Zoo U assesses social and emotional skills and provides personalized intervention based on that assessment. In Zoo U, players are students in a school for future zookeepers, where Principal Wild and a host of friendly animals help them learn critical skills as they navigate common social and emotional learning scenarios. Behind the scenes, Zoo U collects data on the child’s every move, including dialogue choices, mouse clicks, and the time the child takes to complete a scene. Zoo U transforms this data into an easy-to-read report and assigns training modules accordingly. Zoo U can be administered to many students at once, making it time efficient and cost effective for counselors. In addition to assigning specific tutorial scenes based on a child’s assessment, Zoo U personalizes the learning experience in a variety of other ways, including letting the student make choices about what to say, what to do, and how he or she feels; adjusting the difficulty level based on students’ responses and actions; and providing hints and prompts as needed to help students progress through a scene. Following each scene, Principal Wild reviews the choices students made, giving praise and reinforcement for skills demonstrated well and constructive feedback on areas not yet mastered.

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Plus: Zoo U incorporates other interactive activities, such as deciphering a code with a classmate to improve cooperation skills, so children can practice and strengthen their newly acquired skills in a fun way. Educators have access to supplementary classroom resources through the Activity Center. Sample resources are available on the Share My Lesson page.

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