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Finding the Perfect Parent-Teacher Communication App for Your Classroom

Apr 07, 2017 2017-04-07

By Jessica Meacham

Defining the Problem
A recent study by Gallup found that only one in five parents are fully engaged with their child's school. In my 19 years of teaching, I've tried every form of communication to bridge the gap between home and the classroom—emails, texting, blogging, a YouTube channel, Facebook. In addition to grading, lesson planning, and everything else I was asked to balance, it all got to be too much. Since the majority of the parent population has a smartphone, I realized an app would be an effective tool to give parents a glimpse of their child's life at school.

Defining Needs
To narrow the scope of what I needed in a free communication app, I created a list of non-negotiable features. You probably have your own must-have list that will help you narrow down which app will work best in your classroom.

Must-have Features
  • Share photos, links, and messages
  • Schedule events and notify parents by syncing to my Google Classroom calendar
  • Share volunteer opportunities
Based on my must-have features, the enormous list of potential communication apps slimmed down to eleven free ones that would potentially fit my needs.

Communication Apps
  1. Remind
  2. Bloomz
  3. SimplyCircle
  4. Seesaw
  5. ClassDojo
  6. LivingTree
  7. ClassMessenger
  8. ClassTag
  9. Fresh Grade
  10. Appletree
  11. Class123

Cataloging Research
Once I created my list of potential apps, I signed up for accounts, started playing with each app's interface, devoured support resources I found on their websites, and contacted the app developers. As an avid teacher/blogger, I created a working spreadsheet to break down the features of each app, including security and privacy, communication tools, community-building tools, coordination tools, student portfolios, behavior management components, ubiquity, ease of use (including training and support), and costs.

My goal was to create a resource to help teachers who were also searching for communication apps. After I posted the spreadsheet on my blog, comments immediately started rolling in. Teachers offered their recommendations and shared their personal stories of success—all of which helped me reach a final decision.

Making a Decision
As a result of my research, I found that Bloomz fit all of my criteria. Bloomz has successfully connected me to parents and created a team-like environment where our shared goal is to ensure each student has the best learning experience possible.

I invite you to use this spreadsheet to find the perfect app for your classroom.  If you have updates to share contact Jessica.

Jessica Meacham is a first grade teacher in the Southern Door County School District in Wisconsin. You can subscribe to her blog here.

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Jocelyn Tucker
Jun 29, 2020 at 10:02:57 am

Thank you, Jessica, for creating this spreadsheet!!! It's because of teachers like you that I stay in this field. You are the best!!!

Hajj Womack
Mar 05, 2019 at 9:18:46 pm

I use TeachersInTouch because it uses communication in more than one purpose. It saves us time with documentation, referrals, and RTI. All of these buckets make communication so much more powerful. You can get it
#TeachersInTouch #SoTeachersCanTeach #ALLIn4Teachers

Apr 17, 2017 at 3:45:29 pm

We've been using LivingTree for 4 years across our entire district - it's awesome! Your spreadsheet is incorrect for Remind, Class Dojo, and LivingTree in many areas. An update would be great.

Apr 15, 2017 at 6:20:21 am

We are using "mylyapp" Free school mobile app & school ERP solution in our school. Use this app parents get all communication, school notification & exam result, even when the student is absent.

Apr 11, 2017 at 6:53:22 pm

I've been using remind this year and last and I like it very well but I have never heard of some of the other ones. Your spreadsheet is awesome and very comprehensive! It will save me a lot of time in weeding out the ones that wouldn't meet my needs. thanks you so much for your time!!



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